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In the past few years, it was seen that men are looking for treatments for low testosterone and the diagnosis process has become common instances among them. With the growth of the men, erectile dysfunction is becoming a common discussion among them. Testosterone hormone is produced in the male body through the testicles. This hormone has the ability to develop the sexual performances as well as enhance the appearance of the male body. It increases and progresses the sperm production as increases the sex drive in a male body. It has the ability to increase the hormone fluctuation even at the age of seventies or eighties. Testosterone also effectively helps to increase bone mass and build muscle. It is recommended to use legal testosterone boosters to increase the general effect.

The effects of a low testosterone level

  1. Decreases sex drive

Testosterone is the main source to function the libido and increases the sex drive kin a man. With the growth of physical body and age, certain men might feel the decline in sexual urges. This is because of the less production of testosterone levels. People with a low testosterone level will face a drastic change in their sexual desire.  If you are wondering ‘where can I buy legal steroids‘, then we have you covered with that link.

  1. Erection difficulty

Presence of testosterone has the ability to stimulate the sex drive in a male body. It also plays the main role in maintaining and achieving the erection process in a male body. However, it does not facilitate the erection process alone, but charges the receptors in the human brain to release nitric oxide. The molecule Nitric oxide helps stimulate a series of chemical reactions that is essential to process an erection. When the level of testosterone is low in a male body, he might have problems gaining an erection before the sexual intercourse or having a normal erection, for instance, during sleep. However, testosterone is the only necessity to progress and cure the adequate erection process. The main problems which occur due to a less testosterone presence in the body are thyroid problems, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, smoking, diabetes, depression, alcohol use, stress and several others.

  1. Hair loss and low semen production

A low testosterone has several disadvantages. This is very acute and necessary for several body functions which include hair production. Balding comes with the age growth in a man. While, it may be a genetic causes in some men, but the hormone testosterone has of course a vital part in reducing the balding. Consuming or applying testosterone into the male body can effectively reduce the problem that causes the hair loss such as facial hair. This hormone is also vital for sperm or semen production in the male body. Lack of testosterone is the main reason of less semen production during ejaculation.  More information can be found on this site.

  1. Loss of muscle power and fatigue

Testosterone plays a great role in increasing the muscle mass in a man’s body. Low testosterone levels may experience a loss in the muscle mass, and has been attributed to a lot of legal testosterone boosters. Research has also proved that less production of testosterone decreases the muscle power in a male body.

Oltromare Park Expo – Flooring Explosion

One of the most exciting options is poured flooring, which is very different from years ago. When it comes time to remodel a kitchen or bathroom, you have a number of options for flooring. For instance, you could choose carpeting. While not one of the most popular choices, some of the Berber styles on the market are beautiful, stain resistant, and durable. Another option is cork, which is actually tree bark. This type of flooring is comfortable, soft, super easy to clean, and highly dent, scratch, temperature, and stain resistant.

Of course, many people updating a worn down kitchen or bathroom will choose ceramic tiles, which include terracotta, cement, porcelain, and glazed. While all options are beautiful, the machine made glazed tile is the easiest to care for and durable. Terracotta is also growing in popularity although it is not as strong a material as the glazed tiles. Because ceramic tile has become a favorite choice, prices have come down over the past several years.

Now, while these options, along with others such as linoleum and hardwood are great, poured flooring is something special and unique. Keep in mind that poured flooring is actually concrete but what make it so special are all the possibilities associated with the substance. For instance, poured flooring can be colored. Therefore, if you had a jewel-toned kitchen, a warm amber, gold, or burgundy would be gorgeous. Again, the options are so vast that you could enhance any décor.

What is flow screed?

Another great thing about poured flooring is the chemical reaction to acid, grease, and salt. For this, you will find many flooring companies that create unusual and magnificent designs with chemicals. The most amazing is the acid stained poured flooring. The reason is that the final design, color, and pattern are a one-of-a-kind, with beautiful swirls and vibrancy. Now, one company discovered by accident that potato chips on poured flooring also create a unique design. Dropping the oily and salty chips on the floor, something miraculous happens.

With poured flooring that has been treated with acid or something else means having the look of expensive natural stone. However, while you gain all the benefits of a strong, durable floor with a beautiful appearance, you are not paying the high cost often associated with slate, limestone, and other natural stone tile.

Although these are great advantages of using poured flooring, the most impressive is that it is the perfect solution for homes with radiant heating. In this case, heated pipes are installed beneath the floor, keeping the home warm and comfortable from underneath up. As you can see, when ready to remodel, you should check out the options available with poured flooring first.

Foot Massage Expo This Friday In The Park

Foot Massage Expo at Parc Oltramare – Friday 17th


After a long hard work it doesn’t get much better than being able to sit back and let your feet rest a little bit.  Parc Oltramare will be hosting it’s 4th annual Foot Massage In The Park Expo this Friday starting at 8am.  All of the top brands in the massage business will be there, and will be allowing for free foot and back massage for the entire event!  So go walk around the park and then visit any of the massage booths.  Booths will include: – Showcasing all the latest massage and health equipment sold on their website

Showcasing all the most impressive massage devices imaginable (very excited about this)

And More, including, which will be accepting donations to help keep Parc Oltramare beautiful.  View this video from our 2010 Foot Massage Expo.

Tickets are 10$ at the gate and 7$ preorder.  The massage expo will be open from 8am-10pm.

For more information on the massage expo coming to Parc Oltramare please contact Julia Gorgensen at 818-99-1929.  She will be able to assist you in getting tickets to the massage fair.

A little more on the benefits of massage after walking in the park.

-Massage can help with circulation – when we exercise it is easy to forget to nurture your body and repair the muscle cells.

-Massage can help with recovery – muscles are torn down during exercise and can cause pain or discomfort. A massage can help regenerate cells and make you feel like a million dollars.

-Massage can help calm the mind –  the mind is something people neglect to nurture, and promoting blood flow along with massage has been shown to increase positivism in massaged subjects.

If you are interested in learning more about Massage in the Park then give us a call and reap all the benefits of loving your body.