One of the most exciting options is poured flooring, which is very different from years ago. When it comes time to remodel a kitchen or bathroom, you have a number of options for flooring. For instance, you could choose carpeting. While not one of the most popular choices, some of the Berber styles on the market are beautiful, stain resistant, and durable. Another option is cork, which is actually tree bark. This type of flooring is comfortable, soft, super easy to clean, and highly dent, scratch, temperature, and stain resistant.

Of course, many people updating a worn down kitchen or bathroom will choose ceramic tiles, which include terracotta, cement, porcelain, and glazed. While all options are beautiful, the machine made glazed tile is the easiest to care for and durable. Terracotta is also growing in popularity although it is not as strong a material as the glazed tiles. Because ceramic tile has become a favorite choice, prices have come down over the past several years.

Now, while these options, along with others such as linoleum and hardwood are great, poured flooring is something special and unique. Keep in mind that poured flooring is actually concrete but what make it so special are all the possibilities associated with the substance. For instance, poured flooring can be colored. Therefore, if you had a jewel-toned kitchen, a warm amber, gold, or burgundy would be gorgeous. Again, the options are so vast that you could enhance any décor.

What is flow screed?

Another great thing about poured flooring is the chemical reaction to acid, grease, and salt. For this, you will find many flooring companies that create unusual and magnificent designs with chemicals. The most amazing is the acid stained poured flooring. The reason is that the final design, color, and pattern are a one-of-a-kind, with beautiful swirls and vibrancy. Now, one company discovered by accident that potato chips on poured flooring also create a unique design. Dropping the oily and salty chips on the floor, something miraculous happens.

With poured flooring that has been treated with acid or something else means having the look of expensive natural stone. However, while you gain all the benefits of a strong, durable floor with a beautiful appearance, you are not paying the high cost often associated with slate, limestone, and other natural stone tile.

Although these are great advantages of using poured flooring, the most impressive is that it is the perfect solution for homes with radiant heating. In this case, heated pipes are installed beneath the floor, keeping the home warm and comfortable from underneath up. As you can see, when ready to remodel, you should check out the options available with poured flooring first.