Why filtered water is so important to your health

Filtered water is not just a hype. With the increasing global health and environmental issues, the importance of drinking filtered water is even greater. Without the doubt, if you’re going for an “it won’t happen to me” mentality, you’re risking not only your health but the health of your entire family, too.


Let’s make a deal: read the following list of top 9 benefits of drinking filtered water. If you still believe that tap water, vitamin water or distilled water is a much safer choice, that’s okay.

9 Reasons Why Filtered Water Is The Best

#1 Better nutrient absorption – with different water filtering systems, a tap water can be easily turned into a healthy water which will help your organism to absorb the nutrients from the water. Plus there’s specialty filters such as alkaline water filters (see more at http://alkalinewaterfilterexperts.com/top-10-pitchers), which can give you even more nutrients.  However, filtered water can also be used in cooking – that way, you’ll preserve a greater amount of minerals and vitamins from vegetables, fruit, and meat.

#2 Detoxication – due to a constant stress and poor eating habits, your body is filled up with different kind of toxic substances. This toxic waste prevents you from executing at your highest levels. Filtered water can help you with that because water filters are designed to keep all the toxic substances in.

#3 Reduces risks of rectal cancer – chlorinated tap water contains one of the most dangerous chemicals that cause serious health problems, mainly cancer. By removing the chlorine from the tap water, water filters actually reduces the risk of gaining rectal cancer, bladder cancer or colon cancer.

#4 Reduces risk of gastroenterological diseases – it’s estimated that filtered water reduces the risk of gaining a gastroenterological disease by 33%.

#5 Hydrates skin – a quality skin care depends on several components, with water being one of the most important ones. With filtered water, your skin will gain only highly profiled healthy water which will significantly increase its elasticity and glow.

#6 Helps with weight loss – every effective diet plan requires drinking 2 l of water per day. However, only filtered water will give you the best results because it contains all the essential minerals that speed up your metabolism and help to burn fat faster.

#7 Improves overall health – without unhealthy substances from tap water, you will feel more energized and healthier than ever before. Since filtered water reduces the main risks of gaining severe medical conditions (different types of cancer or gastroenterological conditions), your body won’t be at risk. Plus, you will get to enjoy the tastier and better smelling water than you did before.

#8 The safest option for your children – imagine a young organism gets intoxicated by the tap water on a daily basis. If you don’t want your children to suffer some serious medical conditions throughout their youth, adolescence or their maturity, you should consider teaching them to use filtered water from an early age.

#9 The last barrier between you and toxins – before it goes to your organism, water is kept in water filter which does a final removal of all the bacteria, chlorine, pesticides, insecticides and other dangerous substances. That is a very important thing because without a filter you are drinking a toxic bomb.