Identification Expo Comes To Oltramare

Nearly 30 million people move from one address to another each year. They all have one thing in common. They need to submit a change of address form to the post office. By filling out a form available at people can now change their address anywhere in the world, and on the fly.  India has been at the forefront of providing people with the best resources to automate their post and identification services.

Aadhar Change of Address

form, they instruct the post office to stop mail addressed in their name to their old address and deliver it to their new one. This is an important thing to do for many reasons.

First, filing a Post Office Change of Address may prevent identity theft. If mail continues to be delivered to your old address and the house is vacant, someone may come by and steal the mail that has accumulated in the mailbox and use the information for shady purposes. Bank statements, credit card offers and statements, and similar mailing are very valuable to identity thieves. Changing your mailing address can prevent this.

Second, it can help protect your credit score. If you forgot to change your address with one of your creditors, or if they have not updated the information by the time you move, you will never see the next bill or statement they send out. If you don’t pay it by the due date, it can hurt your credit score and your ability to borrow for other things. It is easy to miss paying a bill with all the commotion of moving. It is especially easy if you never receive the latest statement. If you have changed your address with the post office, you will receive these mailings and be reminded to pay before the due date.

Finally, you don’t want to miss any important personal correspondence. It is common to receive mail from friends, relatives, your place of employment, etc. when you move. Some of this may be important and you will want to receive it at your new address if it was addressed to your old one.