Who doesn’t fancy a magnificent, flawlessly blown out mane? However, with salon prices rising higher than Islamabad’s temperature, it is definitely worth it to learn how to blow dry your own hair. You can save some serious cash by ditching your flashy salon and doing it yourself! Here’s how:

Before you begin, make sure you always start with super-clean hair, use a shampoo and conditioner that will cleanse the oil, dirt and residue from your hair. Oily hair will always become a barrier and always keep you from getting the look you want.If your hair gets oily on the second day of washing, you can use translucent powder to add texture and absorb oil. Also, you would never want to start with dripping wet hair, either.

Moreover, exposure to high heat can leave the strands looking withered and tensed, and if your hair are already dry and damaged, you’ll struggle to get that healthy looking finish you want if you’re looking for some of the best hair steamers. Therefore, you must always want to use a heat-protector. To achieve a perfect blow-out, mousse should be applied on straight hair, and smoothing cream for curly hair.

Whichever type of blow dryer you choose, use the one with a nozzle as this with help concentrate the air flow of the dryer.

Now you’re ready to blow! Start from the front and continue to the back, in 2 sections before moving onto the next. The key to a lasting blowout is to make sure your roots are completely dry. Hold the section firm and stroke it with the heat of the dryer on all four sides till the roots are dry. You’ll want to work in a twisting motion from the middle to the ends.

If you want a majestic volume at the crown, take the top section and further divide the hair in 2 inch sections and blow each section thoroughly forward and backwards to give it a bouncy lift. Once all the sections are cool, let all the sections down and flick your hair with your fingers and see the magic; amazing bounce, a fabulous volume and striking curls. Finish off with a bit of hairspray and you’ve got yourself a lasting blowout.To maintain the blowout you must also sleep with your hair up in a light bun.

Incorporating these skills will make a huge difference in your life with making you feel like an effortless beauty..You should try investing your time in this skill because it pays off the rest of the week.